Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Whisperer!

Your not Happy…Im not happy I know you must not remind me … Your pretending yes im pretending but can we keep it between us two…. Ok now am just being silly . I cant actually be talking to the wind? It looks like she is finally loosing it. Cause there’s no way she can be talking to the wind I tell myself then I hear a cruel loud laughter from no where then my heart skipped a bit… what is happening to me am I going crazy?
Then for a Millisecond I thought what if all this is real those this mean I am supernatural?
Then I closed my eyes and wished all this terrifying voice would just let me be and go away. I turned to look at the people around me they were all laughing to something funny my friend was telling us. I smiled so It wouldn’t sound like I didn’t get joke which I really didn’t get? Then again the voice came louder and louder near me I was panicking . I excused myself politely from the crowd then I sat down at the bench facing the school basketball court looking at the tall Asian guys play their game. I watched how happy they were playing the game. Then it happened again I felt the silence deep inside and something echoing behind me only this time around I didn’t get a word out of the mysterious voice. it sounded like a child babbling words . Then I stood up to look at my back I still couldn’t find that mysterious thing whispering in my ears. I called my mum to talk to her about it but just when I was about to explain my experience the line went off . I got butterflies in my stomach started sweating and was breathing heavily .My heart was basically in my mouth! No one could see the fear in my eyes. I tried to shout but I could only do that mentally not physically so I ran to a secluded area and tried crying but the tears couldn’t slip out. Then again the voice came out this time around loud and clear . Though your blind I see that your not deaf I get what your going through I don’t have answers but I understand it. They wont see it even if you blurt it out to them. Then the tears started dripping down my cheeks I had no energy to run anymore the only option I had left was to face that mysterious voice whispering into my ears. I opened my lips and asked with my shaky voice what are you? It was silent
Why me? You need a new beginning …Leave me alone Don’t you want someone that understands you NO. I beg of you leave me in peace then get ready to face reality then for some minutes the place was quite ordinarily I should have felt relieved but the only thing I felt was my heart beating fast and me needing air to breath. I was suffocating seriously but no one was there to lend an helping hand. I managed to regain a little energy then I ran walked straight into a friend . I held his hand tightly and didn’t say a word all I wanted was just some physical contact with the real world to know to confirm I wasn’t dreaming! `
O did the wind just talk to me? I’m still looking for possible excuses to explain what just happened to me. In a state of confusion right now.
To be continued